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E30 M3 Sport Evo UK Car RHD

Vehicle price: £POA
Registration date: 1990
Mileage: 61,300
Transmission type: Manual
Vehicle colour: Glanzschwarz Jet Black
Interior: Motorsport Cloth
Former keepers: 1
Availability: Sold

E30 M3 Sport Evo UK Car RHD

It’s fair to say that maybe only once in a lifetime, the opportunity comes up to own a fabulous right hand drive converted E30 M3 Sport Evolution, supplied in the UK from new. We are delighted to present an exceptional car that has been in the hands of only 2 owners for its whole life – the 1st owner for one year the 2nd owner from 1991 to the present date. Lovingly kept and treasured by the Fisher family for most of its life, this wonderful car witnessed the arrival of 2 children and shared many other happy experiences, becoming one of the family. It was even given a family name; ‘Black Beauty’. The children are now grown and due to increasing values, Black Beauty has been used less and less (hence the low mileage). With genuinely heavy hearts, the family have made the decision that Black Beauty should go to a new home. At Munich Legends we’re not given to an excess of sentimentality, but it’s rare to see the level of attachment given to Black Beauty – the whole family arrived here ceremonially to hand over the keys and tell me the story of Black Beauty’s life.

Ordered from Heathrow BMW Ltd on the 1st of June 1990, the first owner, Mr. King, instructed the dealership to have the car converted to right hand drive before delivery. The arrival of a new addition to the family within 14 months meant Mr. King decided to change to BMW’s new (at the time) E34 M5.

Mr. Fisher was already the loving owner of an E30 325i and on spotting this stunning Sport Evo in Alan Kerr BMW’s showroom in Warwick, immediately fell in love. The deal was done, and Black Beauty was given a new home. Mr. and Mrs. Fisher initially used the car as their daily drive, including two memorable trips to the maternity unit and many school trips as their young children grew up. They holidayed in the car and enjoyed it for the very special automobile that it is.

The Fishers understood the rarity of the Sport Evo and so as the family grew older (and larger!) another daily driver was needed and the Sport Evo spent more and more time resting in the garage. In 2003, with 56,000 miles on the clock, Black Beauty was effectively decommissioned and started a life of pampered rest in the Fisher’s own garage. However, the family were sensible enough to ensure that every single MOT was kept up to date. The car’s comprehensive history file includes not only the bill of sale to Mr. Fisher (Allan Kerr BMW in Warwick), but every single MOT and many, many invoices covering the life of the car. Black Beauty also comes with the original document wallet, hand books and service books, as well as the exclusive Sport Evo only supplement and spare keys, which include the original BMW factory fit alarm fob.

We were very lucky to be chosen to handle the sale of such an exceptional car.

Our technical team includes one of the country’s leading E30 M3 specialists who has carried out an exhaustive inspection of the car. Firstly, it’s worth commenting on the quality of Birds’ conversion. As the very limited number of E30 M3s that were supplied by BMW UK were all LHD, Birds UK were appointed the official centre for BMW dealerships who’s clients wished to purchase an M3 but couldn’t get on with left hand drive. (Munich Legends did not exist at the time!). At a whopping £4,842 (back in 1990), Birds carried out an excellent job which included the often overlooked windscreen wipers and carpets. In our opinion these cars are even more exceptional today than standard left hand drive Sport Evolutions as there may only be a dozen correctly converted right hand drive models in the world.

Mechanically, Black Beauty is in amazing condition; our inspection has only revealed minor items that would need attention, prior to delivery to the new owner. Much of the GlanzschwarzJet Black paint is original with only the bonnet and lower valance having received minor attention whilst in our care. The interior fabric is as new and utterly unmarked, having been lovingly restored. The exclusive Sport Evolution accessories, such as the suede steering wheel, gear knob and handbrake lever, red safety belts, plug caps, throttle grommet and limited edition plaque are all present and correct and the Sport Evo 16” wheels are freshly refurbished.

Early in Black Beauty’s life, Mr. Fisher took the wise decision to carry out an extensive Waxoyl treatment on the car. When it first arrived with us, much of the engine bay and underside was covered in a thick waxy transparent coating (fortunately not Waxoyl’s evil cousin – the disgusting black schutz that hardens and hides rust) and whilst this may have appeared somewhat unsightly, it turns out to be a genius move. Underneath the Wayoyl, Black Beauty’s body is utterly rust free and as solid as the day it left the factory. It is rare to see any unrestored 26 year old car in this condition. All the usual E30 M3 weak spots have been checked – jacking points and sills, arches and scuttle – and have shown themselves to be in tip top shape. The new owner will be given the option to have Black Beauty re-Waxoyled to protect the car for the next 25 years.

Mechanically Black Beauty simply could not be in better shape. The car has never been modified and is exactly as the gods of BMW Motorsport intended it to be. Our preparation programme includes a few gasket leaks and bushes as well as an inspection service and brand new MOT.

It is hard to imagine a Sport Evo with better provenance than this example and with only a handful of original UK supplied cars left in Europe; it is possibly the rarest example available. Many customers have harboured a lifetime’s desire to own an E30 M3, but could not get on with their left hand drive orientation – for those customers, this could be the perfect car. However, for those who insist on 100% originality, it is worth noting that a re-conversion back to left hand drive would cost in the region of £10,000, meaning that this truly fabulous car is not restricted to those who enjoy right hand drive.

Viewing is highly recommended - although strictly by appointment only.

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Fuel Type: Petrol