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Vehicle price:
Registration date: 2004
Mileage: 58,760
Transmission type: SMG
Vehicle colour: Silver grey
Interior: Anthracite Alcantara
Former keepers: 8
Availability: Sold


The M3 CSL needs very little introduction. The CSL is one of those rare cars where the driving experience matches the expectation, a car that is not just useable but highly addictive, with subtle looks which almost play down the anything-but-subtle performance. The noise of the 360 bhp engine greedily sucking air into the carbon fibre intake has become the stuff of legends – for those who are in any doubt of this car’s appeal, one drive will usually suffice. BMW threw huge amounts of technology at the CSL - this was no run out model or trim-based special edition. Bringing together everything they were learning on the Formula One circuits, BMW created a car that arguably has never been equalled in terms of all round ability and appeal. Using state of the art weight saving technology the team at BMW M shaved a colossal 110 kilos from the standard M3 which, let’s remember, was already hugely capable – and not heavy at all. Adapting the exhaust, steering, brakes, suspension, gearbox and engine management, the CSL actually feels very little like the standard M3 that it is derived from. The CSL is not just a road racer, enthusiast’s car and technological masterpiece, it is also a highly collectable, appreciating, rare machine. Values have risen steadily and continue to rise today, as the numbers of good cars dwindle – out of the original run of only 422 RHD cars sold in the UK we estimate that less than half remain as truly collectable examples.
To watch the excellent Clarkson/Top Gear review of the CSL click here. Note: the boot floor is NOT made of cardboard. Thank you Jeremy....
Rarely do we come across a mid-mileage CSL that is this good, this well maintained and this well looked after. We’ve known this particular CSL for a while, and have always appreciated it, and the owners approach to his car. The service book is stamped to perfection – something quite rare on CSLs and cars that cover below average miles. The condition of the car both outside and in is more like that of a CSL with half the mileage. The little exterior details like badges and carbon fibre splitters – always a giveaway on CSLs – came to us without marks, the roof shows no signs of delaminating – something we’re seeing more and more – and the interior trims that cost the earth are spot on. All in all, we are really impressed with this car and having produced a full official inspection report, we can highly recommend it. This beautiful CSL will be delivered with a brand-new MOT, serviced completely up to date, and prepared to our famously high standards.
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