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BMW E46 M3 - with warranty

Vehicle price:
Registration date: 2003
Mileage: 84,682
Transmission type: Manual
Vehicle colour: Estoril blue
Interior: Grey leather
Former keepers:
Availability: Sold

BMW E46 M3 - with warranty

It could be said that the E46 M3 needs no introduction, but then we’d be missing out on a treat. Many cars have had the dubious term ‘modern classic’ foist upon them, but the 3rd generation M3 was a classic from the day it was launched. Despite producing an excellent successor in the V8 M3, BMW have never been able to recapture people’s imagination in the same way as they did with this car. If we had a dollar for every customer that says ‘I loved my E46 M3, best car I ever owned, wish I never sold it’…

The S54 engine that lies at the heart of the E46 generation M3 is the last of an era that traces its lineage right back to the 70s. BMW gained their reputation, arguably not once, but twice, with their straight six masterpieces. Moving from four cylinders to three with the second generation M3, the S54 took the previous generation 3.2 and turned it into a work of utter genius. With its distinctive rasp, superfast response and easy revving characteristics, immaculately blending modern tech with old school manners, the M3 starts from a pretty sweet place. But add in the sublime chassis – which has handling abilities beyond the limits of most mortal men – and combine that with a beautiful, purposeful design, a perfectly feng shui’d interior, and even practical things like a copious boot and decent mpg, and you really have an amazing machine. We dare you to think of another car that comes close to the E46 M3 for twice the money.

The third generation M3 is also a very reliable and predictable car in terms of maintenance and daily running costs. The weak spots are well known to us (and most savvy car people); Boot floor fissures, corroded exhaust flanges, corrosion on the wheel arches and wing mirror bases, snapped road springs and noisy diffs, to name but a few. But outside of these known and predictable areas, the E46 is a solid and dependable machine, giving you incredible bang for your bucks, not just when you buy, but throughout the whole of your ownership.

This lovely example has been known to us for many years. We think Estoril blue could be the signature colour for the E46 M3, it certainly shows off the lines perfectly, and carries an element of glamour absent in the more one-dimensional tones. In this case the interior contrasts nicely with the Estoril, and lightens the interior much more than the usual black leather. The owner is a fastidious man who knows his car very well. He was wise enough to keep up the warranty on the car – which is still current – meaning that any issues have been dealt with swiftly and without concern for cost. The service history has been rigorously maintained by ourselves, and has covered not just the usual service schedules but cosmetic ongoing care both inside and out, as well as the car’s setup and drivability. Additionally, benefitting from AP breaks both front and rear – one of the only modifications we agree improves the E46 M3 – as well as the slightly uprated CSL style alloys, this excellent example is otherwise un-messed-about with, as you’d expect from a BMW warrantied car.

As always, our workshop team have carried out a thorough appraisal and report of the car in preparation for sale, and we are delighted and proud of the results. A few issues have been highlighted for rectification by us prior to delivery to the new owner (broken road spring, leaking block valve etc) in addition to a sprinkling of warranty items, so this M3 will be a fabulous car for the next lucky owner. As always, this gorgeous M3 will be sold fully serviced and with a brand new MOT, having been fully inspected and prepped by our technicians – people who know these cars arguably better than anyone else in the world.

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Fuel Type: Petrol