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BMW 2000 tii Touring

Vehicle price: £19,995
Registration date: 1972
Mileage: 118,422 Km
Transmission type: Manual
Vehicle colour: Agave green
Interior: Brown leather & cloth
Former keepers: 1
Availability: Sold

BMW 2000 tii Touring

This charming 2000 tii touring is one of only 5,058 built and one of the earliest made; built in 1971 and first registered in 1972, it was brought to the UK from France four years ago. This is number 1725 of the total build and it is estimated that around only 100 still remain, so this is a chance to own an incredibly rare piece of BMW history.

Having had only one previous owner in the UK and covering just 73,500 miles, the car is in very good, original condition. It has the original owner’s handbook, original operating manual, a range of receipts and the BMW Classic certificate. As well as this it comes with the original sales brochure; below is the (rather quaint) text from this, demonstrating just how ahead of the game BMW were, at a time when BMW’s marketing team couldn’t exactly boast the same attribute!

The Concept

In today’s traffic and on today’s congested roads, a car has to have small dimensions – outside. And in modern motoring and for the modern motorist a car has to have large dimensions – inside. This sounds rather contradictory. But for BMW this is a “must”. And the BMW touring is the best example that this “must” can become reality.

The Chassis

An elaborate safety first chassis is one of the characteristics of all BMWs. The technical formula for the BMW touring reads as follows: “Independent suspension all round, spring arms up front and inclined longitudinal arms in the back, gas pressure shock absorbers. This design can take much more than everyday road traffic will ever give it.” The German motoring journal AUTO-ZEITUNG has made the following comments on the chassis: In the ‘60s BMW set new standards for road safety and supreme driving. And today BMWs are still so superior that other cars have a long way to go”. All BMWs have a twin dual-circuit braking system with power assistance. Even if one circuit fails the deceleration effect of the other circuit is 100% above the standard prescribed by traffic authorities. BMW drivers call this a technical type of life assurance.

The Engine

BMW engines all have an over-head camshaft, inclined valves in an inverted ‘V’ arrangement, and a crankshaft with five bearings. Swirl-action combustion chambers contribute to this high degree of perfection. And the result is that today’s BMW engines already fulfil tomorrow’s pollution laws. The decisive characteristic of this design is not just supreme performance. But also flexible engines and spare power whenever you need it. So that you have full acceleration at any speed and overtaking becomes a matter of just a few seconds. How about this as an example: The BMW Touring 2000 tii rockets up from 0-60mph in 9.2 seconds. It’s really not surprising to hear what motoring journalists think: “BMW four cylinder engines have all the power, smoothness and superiority that you’ll normally only find in a six cylinder”.

The Bodywork

BMW’s principle for the bodywork of a car is compact outside and spacious inside. And the best example for this is the BMW Touring. The aerodynamic shape of the BMW touring was created in a wind tunnel. The outstanding features are the slanted windscreen and the “fastback”. This makes air resistance decrease and top speed increase. It also improves fuel consumption. BMW applies the most modern methods to counteract rust and corrosion. We use the so-called cavity sealing procedure for protecting parts of the bodywork that normally cannot be reached. This new method prevents corrosion before it has even started.


The foremost aspect of all BMW designs is functionability. This starts with the engine, chassis and braking system and goes on to the bodywork and interior fittings. We think that luxury should be functionable. The seats can be adjusted individually and hold the body snugly. The backrests of the rear seats can be pulled forward separately and fastened in this horizontal position, so that you have even more space whenever you need it. The cushioned instrument panel features circular dials with an anti-dazzle effect. The switch for high beam and low beam, the flasher, the direction indicators and the automatic screen washer have been designed for fingertip operation, so that the driver is not distracted and can keep both hands on the wheel.

The interior

The BMW Touring features the largest interior of all comparable BMW models. It has a lot of room even for five persons. The backrests of the rear seats can be pulled forward separately and fastened in this horizontal position, so that the additional space this gives you can be used in many ways and for many purposes. By means of gas pressure springs the weight of the rear door is balanced exactly, so that the door can be moved with ease and always stays in the desired position. All the versions of the BMW Touring are equipped with a demisting unit for the widescreen and the side windows as standard and an electrically heated rear window is also included in the basic equipment.

Driving Pleasure

The BMW concept is one of sportiness and functional luxury. This concept goes into all BMW models. In a BMW, the individual design elements work together with complete harmony. The result of this perfection is the “coordinated” car with its own, very special character. A prospectus cannot show what this means to a motorist. It is impossible to express the typical BMW feeling in words or pictures. You have to get behind the wheel to experience this wonderful feeling. Sheer driving pleasure.

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Fuel Type: Petrol